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2030 Sustainability Goals

Leaders from the University of Nebraska at Omaha, in collaboration with the University of Nebraska Medical Center, have proposed an updated set of sustainability goals. These updated goals provide better alignment between UNO and UNMC sustainability efforts and increase opportunities for collaboration and progress at each campus.

Focus Area Goal/Metric
Energy and Emissions Net-zero carbon emissions
Materials, Waste, and Recycling Zero-waste campus (>90% diversion rate)
Transportation 60% sustainable transportation used
Campus Culture Sustainability Engagement Index: 75%
Water and Sustainability Sites Currently being updated

Track Our Progress

Visit our Dashboard to track our progress towards these 2030 sustainability goals. 

Initiatives and Strategies

Use the links below to learn more about specific focus area programs and initiatives that lead UNO toward a more environmentally friendly, socially responsible, and financially resilient campus.

Energy & Emissions

Learn about the energy efficiency and conservation practices being implemented across campus.

Materials, Waste, & Recycling

Check out the many sustainable waste management and procurement strategies implemented at UNO.

Campus Planning & Mobility

Explore all the sustainable transportation options available to UNO's campus community.

Water & Sustainable Sites

Find out about the water conservation and landscaping practices occurring across campus.

Dining & Food Services

See how UNO is working to integrate sustainable dining options and food service operations on the Dodge, Scott, and Center Street campuses.

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