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Empowering Our Metropolitan Public Research University.


Academic Affairs Vision

The Office of Academic Affairs facilitates the pursuit of knowledge in an inclusive, diverse, and equitable educational environment providing access to exceptional creative opportunities for UNO students, faculty, and staff.


Academic Affairs Mission

The Office of Academic Affairs provides leadership and support to UNO’s diverse faculty, students, and staff. In doing so, the office empowers the campus strategic plan; serves as a catalyst for education and innovation; fosters high-level initiatives that transform the scholarly and learning environment. As stewards of resources we remain intentional in investing in academic excellence, community engagement, and student outcomes.


Academic Affairs Goals


Academic Affairs Values

  • Leadership: we foster collaboration across the campus and community, incubate bold ideas and
    initiate new campus conversations. We cultivate leadership skills in ourselves and others.
  • Champion: we champion the mission of UNO and the contributions of everyone in our university and
    the community who make this mission possible.
  • Inclusion: we work to be inclusive of all perspectives, backgrounds, abilities, and identities in our
    university and in our metropolitan community. We foster two-way communication and learning to
    support the culture of inclusion.
  • Transparency: We foster dialog and data-informed decision-making within our office and the campus
    academic sector that is forthright, sets goals, builds trust, and embraces opportunities and challenges.
  • Respect: We embody highest professional conduct, sincere curiosity, teamwork, communication, and
    collegiality vital to a thriving, inclusive Maverick family. We communicate well to convey that respect.
  • Accountability: We hold ourselves to high standards. We follow through. We set concrete academic
    goals and institute processes and policies that deliver on these goals.