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The UNO Perkins Loan Office is your lender and is responsible for administering the loan fund. We receive notification of borrower’s acceptance of the award from the Financial Support and Scholarship Office.

The office is responsible for all aspects of the loan from the initial disbursement through repayment in full. Below you will find helpful information about a Perkins Loan.

Perkins Loan Counseling

Information about entrance and exit counseling.

Cancellation Benefits

The forgiving of a part or all of the principal & interest of a loan.


Learn more about consolidating all your student loan debts into one loan.


Not making installment payments when due or not complying with the terms of the loan can put your loan in default.


See if you are eligible to extend your loan repayment period.


Temporary postponement of payments, extension, or smaller monthly payments.

Repayment Options

Information about UNO's billing servicer.

Federal Perkins Loan Office
University of Nebraska Omaha

Phone: 402.554.2657