Competitive Sports

Competitive Sports include Intramurals and Sport Clubs where participants can engage in a relaxed, yet structured environment. However, keeping the thrill of competition within its limits and placing emphasis on having fun and good sportsmanship.

Competitive Sports offers programming in the areas of Intramurals and Sport Clubs. For more information about each area of competitive sports and how to join click on the appropriate box below. 

Intramural Sports

Intramural sports provides exercise, recreation, competition, and fun to all participants in a relaxed, yet structured environment.

Sport Clubs

Sport Clubs strive to promote interest in a particular sport or activity. A club may be instructional, recreational, competitive, or any combination.

Who Can Participate?

To be eligible to participate in the competitive sports program, the student, undergraduate or graduate, must be enrolled at UNO for a minimum of one credit hour, while the part-time or full-time faculty/staff member must purchase a current Campus Recreation membership. Spouses of students, faculty, and staff members may participate provided they purchase a Campus Recreation membership.

Contact Us

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Assistant Director of Competitive Sports
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