Students at the University of Nebraska Omaha are expected to maintain standards of personal integrity in accordance with instituational goals for the success of all students. This means students are expected to assume responsibility for their actions; observe national, state, and local laws; follow university policies; and respect the rights and property of all people.

Student Code of Conduct

As members of the academic community, students are subject to the responsibilities laid out by the University of Nebraska Omaha.

Statement of Student Rights & Responsibilities

Students are urged to become familiar with all documents that pertain to student rights and responsibilities.

UNO Student Sexual Misconduct Procedures

Find procedures for alleged misconduct, investigations, protective measures, and more.

Housing Policies & Procedures

To ensure that living on campus is a positive experience for everyone, review the Housing and Residence Life Community Policies.

Academic Integrity

Academic integrity is an important part of of ensuring student academic success.


Trent Fredericksen
Student Conduct & Community Standards
Hayden House, 209