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The University of Nebraska Omaha supports administrators, faculty, and staff in data-driven decision making. To this end, various reports have been created to provide credentialed users with information regarding admissions, engagement, enrollment, retention, completion, and institutional effectiveness.

Analytics Help

For general questions, please contact the Office of Institutional Effectiveness (OIE). OIE concentrates its investigations on four critical questions:

  • Are students learning?
  • Are students graduating?
  • Are graduates going to work?
  • Is UNO organized and resourced to support the success of its students, faculty, staff and community?

Data Policy

Please refer to the data and information policies regarding responsibilities and regulations around access and data usage. Each user is responsible for understanding the relevant policies around university information and proper data usage and are therefore held accountable for any violation or misuse of their privileges regarding access to university information.

Find policies for ITS here (filter on Information Technology Services): 

Security Policy

The purpose of the Student Information System Security Policy is to protect the confidentiality and integrity of student records by educating users of their responsibilities and the proper usage guidelines. 

At this stage, most of the data on the dashboards has been validated. However, some data is still undergoing validation. Please note that this data is unofficial and it is strictly prohibited to use said data for any official reporting purposes.

Eppley Administration Building

Peoplesoft and Reporting Access Requests

Requesting access requires a few different steps depending on the data you are requesting access to. Some requires training while others don't.

Find out More

To request access, visit the Registrar's Access Requests page.