Center For Urban Sustainability

The mission of the Center is to advance urban sustainability education, research, and partnerships across the community, the region, and planet.

The Center for Urban Sustainability works with University administration, faculty, staff, and students to heighten awareness for and identify, implement, and assess sustainability practices across the campus.


Find out about the sustainability curriculum and academic programs offered at UNO.

Sustainability Research

Learn more about the immersive research addressing the environmental, economic, and social challenges of sustainability being conducted by UNO affiliates.

Center Stakeholders

Get to know the Center's staff, advisory board, affiliates, research fellows, and project partners.

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Our Goals

Establish and Foster Strong Collaborations

  • Partner academy, industry, and community stakeholders
  • Connect research engaging the real world as a living laboratory

Engage in Fundamental and Applied Urban Sustainability Research

  • Support existing and ongoing work relating to urban sustainability
  • Catalyze new projects and research
  • Grow areas of strength and focus across the NU system

Celebrate UNO and Omaha as a Place for Innovative Urban Sustainability Research and Education Degree Programs

  • Attract talented, renowned faculty through strategic hiring and research
  • Appeal to companies interested in hiring University of Nebraska graduates
  • Draw college-bound and non-traditional students interested in the 'green' economy to UNO

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Steven Rodie, Director

Farrah Grant, Project Coordinator

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