Sustainability at UNO

UNO defines sustainability as using resources wisely and engaging inactions that:
1) are environmentally friendly, socially responsible, and
financially feasible; and
2) benefit present and future generations of 

The Sustainability Master Plan is here

UNO released the Sustainability Master Plan in November of 2014. The plan is the result of months of research led by the UNO Sustainability Committee and Verdis Group, a sustainability consultant.

The full plan, including the Executive Summary, can be found here.

Campus Progress

Our campus has challenged itself to question current operations and re-envision a more sustainable future.

Center For Urban Sustainability

Working with administration, faculty, staff, and students to identify, implement, and assess sustainability practices at UNO.


Sustainability has been incorporated into UNO's curriculum, whether for an undergraduate class, graduate programs or research opportunities.


Immersive research addressing environmental, economic and social challenges of sustainability.

Get Involved

Whether learning or leading, UNO's students are at the core of campus sustainability efforts.

Sustainability Committee

The UNO Sustainability Committee is the re-organized UNO Green Task Force that strives for sustainability on the UNO campus.

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