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Academic Advising

UNO recognizes that students have individual academic and personal needs that might require special assistance. Our advisors are experienced professionals. They can assist you with transfer credit evaluation or provide advice on your degree program specifics. They can also help with difficult situations in which you have a concern with your grades, course instruction, time management, scheduling conflicts, or other academic issues.

Distance learning students are strongly encouraged to work closely with their advisor throughout their program. Students can contact their advisor via e-mail. But to ensure better service during peak registration times, students may make a telephone appointment in advance.

Below is a listing of individual College and Department academic advising web sites and contacts.

  • College of Arts & Sciences
    (402) 554-2458
    Rachel Tomcak (Assistant Director)
    Stephanie McGowan
    Alana White
    • Biology
      (402) 554-2641
      Megan Lane
    • Math
      (402) 554-3841
      Deb Challman
    • Pre-Health
      (402) 554-4820
      Josah Powers
  • College of Business Administration
    (402) 554-3419
    Jennifer Forbes-Baily
    Linda Steensland
    Karen Bloemer
    Alissa Gentry
    Kristin Zimmerman
  • College of Communication, Fine Arts & Media
    Michelle Lyles (Transfer)
    (402) 554-2238
    Bobby Loud 1st Year (Freshman)
    (402) 554-3244
    • Music
      (402) 554-2177
      Shellie Harden
  • College of Education
    (402) 554-2717
    Dr. Gerry Huber (Coordinator of Advising)
    Katie Larson
    Hanna Wanzenried-Solberg
    Huai-Mei Furman
  • College of Information Science & Technology
    (402) 554-3819
    Gina Johanningsmeier
    Farida Majid
    Judith Monarrez Diaz-Kelsey
    Jeff Blackmore
  • College of Public Affairs & Community Service
    (402) 554-2276
  • Academic Career and Development Center
    (402) 554-3672
    Cathy Pettid (Director)
    Sammi Kaiser
    Katie Wessel
    Jolene Adams
    Jermaine Ballard
    D'Antae Potter
  • UNL Programs at UNO
    • College of Engineering
      • Recruitment
        (402) 554-3146
        Nicole Franta
      • Pre-Mechanical Engineering, Pre-Biological Systems Engineering, Pre-Agricultural Engineering
        (402) 554-6009
        John Thorp
      • Civil Engineering
        (402) 554-3276
        Brenda Painter
      • Computer Engineering, Electronics Engineering & Electrical Engineering
        (402) 554-2288
        Roger Sash
      • Architectural Engineering, Construction Engineering, Construction Management
        (402) 554-3918
        Christine Warren (Student Services Coordinator)

    • College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources
      • UNO Programs Office
        (402) 554-2641
        Megan Lane
        (402) 554-3752
        Steven Rodie

    • College of Architecture
      • UNO Programs Office
        (402) 554-2934
        Jeff Day