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Emergency Services Program



Welcome to the Emergency Management and Fire Service Management website at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, a nationally recognized leader research and education.

The Emergency Services Program was developed over a two year period by an interdisciplinary group composed of faculty from diverse University departments and programs, as well as community and public safety leaders in related professions. The program is intended to provide an education that encompasses the broad array of knowledge and experience necessary to conduct emergency services and emergency administration, and to meet the demand for Emergency Management professionals at the federal, state, and local levels and in the business community. Emergency Management (EMGT) and Fire Service Management (FSMT) were approved in Spring 2012, as concentrations within the Bachelor of General Studies degree.  The Bachelor of Science in Emergency Management gained approval in Summer 2012.  Minors in Emergency Management and Fire Service Management were approved in the spring of 2013.  For a complete description of emergency services undergraduate programs, click here. Future expectations are to develop graduate areas of study at the Masters and Doctoral degree level.
Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Emergency Services Program is to:

  • Develop student talents, wisdom, and experiences in a supportive yet demanding academic environment that prepares them for a personally rewarding successful professional career in Emergency Services.
  • Initiate and lead superior research initiatives while supporting continuous improvements in efficiency, reliability, safety, and sustainability for provision of emergency services in the State of Nebraska and beyond.
  • Foster cooperative relationships with neighboring communities, state and federal agencies, and private enterprise through collaborative education, training, and service projects that enhance performance and productivity.
  • Set, preserve, and promote the utmost standards of honesty, integrity, and transparency through the teaching of and adherence to ethical conduct and open dialogue while ensuring good stewardship and management of program resources.

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