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Access the Experts is an innovative partnership between the University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO) and News Channel Nebraska (NCN), where viewers submit their questions to be answered by UNO faculty members.

New segments of Access the Experts air every Tuesday at 6:46 A.M.

The segment will re-air on Tuesday at 6:46 P.M., and Thursday at 6:46 A.M. and 6:46 P.M.

If you’re not sure how to tune in, visit News Channel Nebraska’s website to view their coverage areas. 


In This Installment

Adrian Dowell, vice chancellor for athletics, answers the question: "What is NIL and how will it impact the future of Division I athletics?"

Learn more about Adrian Dowell

Past Segments

Zhigang Feng, Ph.D.

"Why has there been an increase in the price of gas and other goods in the US economy?"

William Kramer, Ph.D.

“What can teams do now to improve virtual teamwork?”

Jody Neathery Castro, Ph.D.

"Why should Americans care about the Russian attack on Ukraine?"

Austin Doctor, Ph.D.

“What does the war in Ukraine tell us about the nature of modern warfare?” 

Sam Hunter, Ph.D.

“Are terrorists creative and why do counterterrorism researchers care?”

Neal Grandgenett, Ph.D.

“How can students best prepare themselves for the future workforce in a STEM field?"

Adam Tyma, Ph.D.

“How can someone manage their social media intake so it does not have negative impacts on their life?” 

Dusty White, Ph.D.

“What will job prospects look like after the pandemic?” 

Roni Reiter-Palmon, Ph.D.

"Can everyone be creative or is creativity limited to a few people?"

Julie Dierberger, Ph.D.

"What factors can improve a student's ability to graduate from college?"

Tara Richards, Ph.D.

"Has the Violence Against Women Act worked in protecting women?"

Brian Ricks, Ph.D.

"Is there a way to predict how crowds move?"

Wei Wang Rowe, Ph.D.

"Are banks still a good place to put money?"

Chris Decker, Ph.D.

"What are the causes of the great resignation?"

Makayla McMorris

"How important is a website for a business or organization?"

Kate Cooper, Ph.D.

“How is a virus or variant named?”

John Bartle, Ph.D.

“Is there a clear solution to the property tax standstill in Nebraska?”

Hanif Sufizada

“How are the Taliban Financed?”

Susan Reay, Ed.D.

"What is therapy like?" (Part One) 

"How do you know when to ask for help?" (Part Two)

Chancellor Joanne Li, Ph.D., CFA

"How does someone improve their financial literacy?"

Martha Garcia-Murillo, Ph.D.

"How does someone improve their financial literacy?"

Ken Bayles, Ph.D.

“How likely will it be that I get a COVID variant even with the vaccine?”

Justin Nix, Ph.D.

"Has Covid-19 caused gun violence to increase across the United States?"

Sam Wilkins

“What advice do you have that will help high school athletes prevent injury?”

Sher Jan Ahmadzai

How do you see a post-withdrawal U.S.-Afghan relationship and how important is it for the U.S. to stay engaged in Afghanistan?”

Richard Stacy, Ph.D.

“Cancer rates over the last 20 years have fallen. What is the contributor to the decrease?”

Andrew Miller, Ph.D.

“Which is worse for the environment, gas fumes or E-V battery disposal?

Veronica Doga

“Why would a small business want to do government contracting?”

Omar Correa, Ph.D.

“When is the right time for a high school student to start college tours?”

Victor Huang, Ph.D.

“Will self-driving cars massively reduce the number of traffic related fatalities?”

Andrew W. Swift, Ph.D.

“Can math predict a champion of a sports event?”

Sara Myers, Ph.D.

“What is the best way to prevent falls as a person ages?”

Dario Ghersi, Ph.D.

“How do the police use ancestry DNA databases to solve crimes?”

Laura Walls, Ph.D.

“Are there any endangered languages that are good to learn, and how does one go about doing so?”

Jamie Wagner, Ph.D.

“What does the new monthly child tax credit mean for my family?”

Jaci Lindburg, Ph.D.

“Will the trend of classes moving online continue into the fall?”

Steven A. Schulz, Ph.D.

“What has caused the decrease in the inventory of cars for sale?"

Christine Cutucache, Ph.D.

“What progress has been made in growing our STEM workforce in Nebraska?”

Sachin Pawaskar, Ph.D.

“What is being done to identify human remains of missing soldiers?”

Dana Richter-Egger, Ph.D.

“What will be the next big source of alternative energy?”

Robin Gandhi, Ph.D.

"What is ransomware and how does it work?"

Mike Gabinet

"What is the best sports league in the world and why?"

Jeremy Lipschultz, Ph.D.

“Is it possible to make a living off of YouTube?”

Kristina Hughes

“What is the best way to live a sustainable lifestyle, both for the environment and personal finances?”

Dustin White, Ph.D.

“What are the pros and cons of hosting big sporting events like the Olympics or the College World Series?”

Teresa Kulig, Ph.D.

“What can be done to stop sex trafficking?”

Becky Lutte, Ph.D.

“How big of an impact did the COVID-19 pandemic have on the airline industry, and how will air travel change because of it?”

David Boocker, Ph.D.

"What are good ways to combine a humanities education with practical skills and knowledge?”

Shari DeVeney, Ph.D., CCC-SLP

"What is the best way to prepare for raising a child who will likely have a developmental disorder?"

Thomas Jamieson, Ph.D.

"What are some good ways to become self-sustainable in case of a global catastrophe?"

Laura Beal

"What are some good tips for someone looking to enter the stock market for the first time?

Brady DeSanti, Ph.D.

"Are there any Native American languages that are still spoken in Nebraska, and which ones are available for everyday folks to learn?”

Kevin Clouther

“What's the best way for a new writer to get started?”

Rosemary Strasser, Ph.D.

“Is there any kind of study for pet psychology, and how much do we know about animals' minds and personalities?”

Dale Eesley, Ph.D.

“What are the smartest business investments in this current financial climate?”

Cathy Pettid, LMHP

“How does one go about explaining psychological and anxiety disorders to older relatives who seem to think such disorders are all ‘mental?’”

Farrah Grant

“What are small steps I can take to preserve our environment that don't disrupt my everyday life?”

Tamara Williams, Ph.D.

“What are charter schools and why do people talk about them so much?”

Michelle Black, Ph.D.

“What types of terroristic attacks is America most vulnerable to, and what is being done to protect us from them?”

Adam Rosen, Ph.D.

What sports are good for cognitive development in children and teenagers?  

Mark Hoeger

“Why don’t the Oscars have a category for musicals anymore?”

Zhigang Feng, Ph.D.

“What will be the long-term impact of COVID-19 on the travel and tourism industry?”

David Beberwyk

“Is real estate still a good investment for the future?”

Randy Adkins, Ph.D.

“Which state has the most unique form of government in the US?”

Chris Decker, Ph.D.

“What types of businesses are most likely to survive and thrive in a post-covid world?”

Steven Torres, Ph.D.

“What is the best and/or most useful second language to learn?”

Chancellor Jeffrey P. Gold, M.D.

“When will we likely know the long-term effects of the COVID-19 vaccine?”

Robin Gandhi, Ph.D.

“How does one protect their online identity?”

Chris Allen, Ph.D.

"Are local radio and television stations facing the same negative impacts that local newspapers have been facing over the past decade-plus?"

David Drozd

"How did places like Nebraska become so demographically segregated, in which small towns are predominately white and urban areas are more ethnically diverse?"

Jeffery S. Bredthauer, Ph.D.

"Is there such a thing as ‘good debt?’"

Michaela Schenkelberg, Ph.D.

"What is an appropriate amount of screen time for a toddler that is under two-years-old? And what content is okay for them to watch?"

Olivier Maisondieu-Laforge, Ph.D.

"Have there been any developments regarding cryptocurrency? What is the status of cryptocurrency? Will it ever find its way into the mainstream?"

Cecil Hicks, Jr., MBA, SPHR

"What is the best way to address workplace discrimination?’

Jack Zerbe

"What kinds of viable careers are there for those who study visual and performing arts?"

Brian C. Payne, Ph.D.

"How does one plan financially for the future in the midst of a pandemic or other major global catastrophe?"

Elizabeth Tolliver, Ph.D.

"Are there external factors that lead to depression and mental illness, and how can a person manage those factors to achieve optimum mental health, especially during the winter months?"

Danae Dinkle, Ph.D.

"What are good ways to keep your mind and body active when locked inside due to weather and/or quarantine?Are there external factors that lead to depression and mental illness, and how can a person manage those factors to achieve optimum mental health, especially during the winter months?"

Mary Perkinson, D.M.A.

"Are there types of music that are scientifically proven to relieve (or exacerbate) stress? What types of music are they and how/why do they affect the brain and our emotions in the way they do?"

Whitney Gent, Ph.D.

"When dealing with relatives with opposing political views who live in areas of different demographics, what’s the best way to approach conversations with them?"

Matthew Heesch, Ph.D.

"What are the best foods a person can eat to keep both body and mind healthy?"

Amy Hanson, Ph.D.

"How can folks from older generations catch up technologically with their younger peers and co-workers?"

Sacha Kopp, Ph.D.

"How can students and parents get effective advising to help with the college search and college admission process during the pandemic?"

Phani Tej Adidam, Ph.D.

"What will be the effect of COVID-19 on Black Friday sales?"

Scott Tarry, Ph.D.

"What impact has COVID-19 had on airports across the state of Nebraska?"

Sarah Edwards, Ph.D.

"How do we support all educators who are under so much stress due to the pandemic?"

Mark Foxall, Ph.D.

"What does policing look like in the future?"

Rebecca Hannagan, Ph.D.

"What kind of support do military students and veterans receive if they decide to pursue a degree?"

Hugh Reilly, Ph.D.

"Why have local newspapers been hit so hard with layoffs?"

Magie Hall, Ph.D.

"How does the order in which information is consumed across websites impact what a person sees next?"

Michelle Trawick, Ph.D.

"What will help you make more money: an undergraduate degree or an MBA?"

Christopher Kelly, Ph.D.

"What should family members do to keep connected to their loved ones when long-term care facilities are restricted to visitors?"

Emily Wright, Ph.D.

"October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, what are the signs someone might be the victim of domestic violence?"

Dan Shipp, Ed.D.

"What should parents be doing to prepare their high schoolers for college readiness during the pandemic?"

Njoki Mwarumba, Ph.D.

"What are the essentials a person needs to keep their family safe in a natural disaster?"

Randy Adkins, Ph.D.

"Why does Nebraska split its electoral votes?" 

Craig Maher, Ph.D.

"What role do property valuations play in property tax?" (Part One)

"Is Nebraska's reliance on property tax to fund K-12 schools unique or is this how other states also fund public education?" (Part Two)

Matt Hale, Ph.D.

"What makes someone vulnerable to spam and phishing attacks?"

Hank Robinson, Ph.D.

"What are the things Norfolk has gotten right to position the community as a leader in economic development?"

Josie Schafer, Ph.D.

"One of the biggest concerns for our state is rural depopulation and brain drain. What efforts are underway to create a stable future for rural Nebraska?"

Chris Decker, Ph.D.

"What kind of economic impact does the cancellation of March Madness, the College World Series and many fall sports have on our state and is the impact statewide or limited to Omaha and Lincoln?"

Charmayne Adams, Ph.D.

"September is National Suicide Prevention Month. What are the signs someone might be thinking of suicide and who should I reach out to if I'm concerned about a friend or family member?"

Chancellor Jeffrey P. Gold, M.D.

"What are colleges and universities doing to protect students, staff, and faculty from COVID-19?"

Gina Ligon, Ph.D.

"We are almost 20 years removed from the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center. How much have American intelligence and counter-terrorism efforts changed since then?"

Nancy Edick, Ed.D.

"What should parents be doing right now to make sure children are supported during a school year with so much uncertainty and change?"

Catherine Lang

"The American economy has been hit hard by the pandemic, but small businesses on main street have been hit especially hard. What are some resources small business owners have available to them to navigate these challenging times?"

Trev Alberts

"College athletics are so important to the fabric of our state. What are leaders doing to make sure athletes can safely return to play?"