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Meet our MFA in Writing Mentors

Many of our mentors publish and teach in multiple genres, including Fiction, Creative Nonfiction, Poetry, Playwriting, Screenwriting, and Young Adult.

In addition to being experienced and accomplished writers and teachers, our mentors approach working with students and the craft of writing with the true spirit of mentorship. They are deeply invested in the writing success of all our students, not only those with whom they directly work. The camaraderie our mentors share as a team is at the heart of our tight-knit community, setting the tone for the professional relationships with students that continue beyond graduation. 

Each residency, we also feature visiting faculty with a wide variety of experience in the literary world. Recent visitors are listed at the bottom of this page.

Faculty Mentors

Explore the biographies and teaching philosophies of our mentors by clicking the images below. 

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Visiting Faculty 

Each residency, a variety of visitors join us, including published writers and members of the literary publication world. Visiting faculty offer readings, lectures, panel discussions, or individual conferences. Each summer residency, a number of alumni also return to read. Recent or upcoming visiting faculty include:

Lee Blessing, Ken Brosky, Chad Christensen, Mary Conroy, Lisa Fay Coutley, Mark E. Cull, Jennifer Egan, Patricia Henley, Anna Maria Hong, Jennifer Ippensen, Major Jackson, A Rafael Johnson, Liz Kay, Tammie M. Kennedy, Jody Keisner, David Lehman, Julie Mannell, Sarah McKinstry-Brown, David Philip Mullins, Ehren Parks, Holly Pelesky, Cindy Phaneuf, Deesha Philyaw, John T. Price, Jenny Qi, Hugh Reilly, Todd Robinson, Shyla Shehan, Daniel Simon, Natalia Treviño, Ed Vogel, and David L. Williams