Student Life

The University of Nebraska Omaha is an inspirational force. We have a vibrant and inclusive student life that supports your success. 

Student Safety December Commencement 2014 MavSYNC Milo Bail Student Center

Female student standing in yoga pose with arms outstretched.


The Wellness Center enhances the UNO community's quality of life and supports your overall well-being.

Male student in graduation regalia holding diploma in the air.


UNO has created a collaborative environment for supporting all forms of student success.

Students volunteering at Benson plant rescue


UNO provides real world experiences and events that foster civic and social responsibility.

Kwanza celebration


Celebrate our similarities and differences by being part of a campus culture that values inclusion.

Students outside of Arts and Sciences Hall.

Contact Student Affairs

Phone: 402.554.2779
Fax: 402.554.2885

Associate Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs
6001 Dodge Street
Welcome Center 211
Omaha, NE 68182