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Performance INformation Gateway
Performance INformation Gateway


Thanks for visiting UNO's Performance INformation Gateway (PING). Launched in late January 2012, PING is UNO's portal for accountability information, academic and department management indicators, reports, and analytics to support data-driven decision-making across our campus.

Phase 1 included implementing the overall PING web site; display of a basic set of Key Performance Indicators for the UNO campus; and access to create customized Student Lists for departmental support of academic programs.

Important Updates

In May 2012 PING entered Phase 2 which continues through the balance of the year. Key objectives include development of additional dashboards and reports.

Updates and new features being released the first week of May 2012 include:

1. Graduate Admissions Dashboard. Provides bullet charts with 2012 admissions progress toward goals, and trend charts showing 2012 admissions compared to the prior two years. Links to departmental data are also included. In December 2012, a new Graduate Admissions Student List will be ready for use with the Fall 2013 admissions cycle. Access is with UNO Net ID.

2. Updates to the Student List App. The original Student List has been updated and is now available as Student List-Academic Programs v2.0. The ability to filter for minors, as well as demographic variables has been added. A second app, Student List-Student Groups v1.0, is also now available. This app allows users to filter for student groups (e.g., learning community, scholar communities, residence halls, honors) and demographic characteristics. Both apps also give users the ability to obtain contact and other academic information that can be used for programming and improvement efforts. Access is with Web Focus account and requires NU username and password.

3. Updated Key Performance Indicators. Phase 1 included links to Google Charts for each KPI. Our new version provides interactive FusionCharts, as well as tabular data. A new comparison group for the 3 NU campuses (UNK, UNL and UNO) is also provided to supplement the UNO and CUMU peer data. Access is open to the public.

4. Enrollment Management Indicators. Data supporting UNO's enrollment management planning process are available to the campus community. Access is wtith UNO Net ID.


Additional dashboards are coming in the next several months. Check back regularly for updates.

Tips for Using the Gateway

Security: The Key Performance Indicators tab is available to the public. Information in the Academic and Department indicators tab requires log-in with UNO NetID. The Student Lists tab requires log-in with WebFocus ID.

Browser: This Website is best viewed using Firefox, Chrome, or Safari. Internet Explorer may result in dark fonts. Depending on your security settings, you may need to add the website to "trusted sites" and/or adjust your security settings to download information. All parts of this site work on iPhones and iPads.

Tabs: Want to explore the data? Hover over a tab and review the options available. Click on your selection to see available information. To view information for a different indicator, hover over the tab and make a new selection.

Trend Charts: The Key Performance Indicator section includes a trend chart for each KPI. These charts are interactive. Hover over a line or data point to see the year and value. Bar charts are also interactive.

Bookmarking: Bookmark the UNO Performance Information Gateway using this url:

Data Definitions and Methodology

UNO Key Performance Indicators: The charts provide trend information for several key performance indicators (KPI). These KPIs incorporate measures from several different areas, including: resources, educating students; productivity; research enterprise; student success; and student opportunity.

The trend is displayed for each key performance indicator for the years 2004-2009. Most trend charts include updated information for 2010 and 2011. The trend charts allow examination of UNO's current performance relative to its past performance. Unless noted, each KPI is expressed per full-time equivalent (FTE) student to allow comparisons with other institutions. To adjust for inflationary forces, all financial KPIs have been adjusted for inflation using the Consumer Price Index (CPI-U); all fiscal data are displayed in 2009 dollars. All trend charts also show the average performance of 10 comparison institutions that are members of the Coalition of Urban and Metropolitan Universities (CUMU), as well as the 3-Campus NU Average. The latter figure includes UNK, UNL, and UNO.

The 10 CUMU institutions include: Cleveland State University; Indiana University-Purdue University-Indianapolis; Oakland University; Portland State University; University of Texas at San Antonio; University of Arkansas at Little Rock; University of Missouri-Kansas City; University of Missouri-St. Louis; University of North Carolina at Charlotte; and Wichita State University.

Additional background information, including definitions and data sources are proivded with each KPI.


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