The University of Nebraska Omaha is a collaborative force. With partners in our surrounding communities we share the mutual benefit of knowledge, resources, and real world experience.



Barbara Weitz Community Engagement Center

UNO is the only American university to have a facility wholly dedicated to community engagement. Our center will support university-community partnerships and provide meeting and planning space. Learn more

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Service Learning Academy

The UNO Service Learning Academy creates university-community partnerships by integrating academic scholarship and civic engagement. These partnerships enhance student learning, advance community development, and foster engaged citizenship. Learn more


The Collaborative

Opportunities abound for UNO students and others to become involved in action projects and programs which create positive social change in our community and beyond. Student-directed service and volunteer transformations are happening every day through The Collaborative. 

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UNO is the custodian of more than 10,000 volumes of scholarly work on service learning and community engagement, which is located in the UNO Criss Library.

Criss Library National Service-Learning Clearinghouse