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The Courage to Care

  • Master's program 2020 graduates

    We are so incredibly proud of all of our students who are graduating this month. You have endured to the end in an unprecedented way!

    Careers in Aging

  • 2020 BSGE Graduates

    The department of Gerontology wishes to thank the visionary local employers, including the Eastern Nebraska Office on Aging, who have hired our graduates.

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  • UNO 2020 Certificate Grads

    To our UNO and UNL students, graduating seniors, and your families, thank you for the privilege of educating you about aging during this time of uncertainty. We know it hasn’t been easy, yet your determination and grit has carried you through to the end. You can be proud of your success. For those returning to classes in the summer or fall, we look forward to working with you and hope to see you face to face soon. For those who are beginning a new chapter, please stay in touch. We are in this together now and in the future. From the Faculty, Staff and Advisory Board of the Department of Gerontology, well done!

    Online Learning Resources

  • 2020 UNL Certificate Grads

    Coursework for summer and fall available now! With the increased concern about the health and safety of older adults, now is an important time to expand your knowledge about working with the older adult population.

    Summer and Fall Class Schedule

  • Thank You

    To our students, alums, and community partners serving elders at home, senior living, memory support, and nursing homes--Thank you for having the Courage to Care in the midst of COVID-19. You are HEROES to us all.

    The Courage to Care

  • ENOA Volunteers

    More than 800 men, women, and young people answer ENOA’s call to volunteer each year. We want to thank ENOA for having The CourAGE to Care! Learn about the many different volunteer opportunities ENOA offers.

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Since 1972, the Department of Gerontology at the University of Nebraska Omaha (UNO) has been educating students about aging issues.  Students and faculty use a multidisciplinary approach to discover the many issues and opportunities facing our world’s rapidly increasing aging population, including independence, health changes and end-of-life planning.

Now, more than ever, our society is daring to pull back the curtain and shine a light on this final phase of life. Call it compassion. Call it sensitivity. Or just call it Gerontology. It’s more than just studying a phase of life. It’s a way of life.

Programming is available in Omaha, Lincoln, and Online.  Education paths include a certificate or minor, a BS, MA or PhD in Gerontology.  If you have the courage to care, we have on campus and online options to help you develop as a professional to work in this field of the future.



Pioneers in the Field of Gerontology

The department conducts relevant research in conjunction with local and federal agencies that serve the public and its changing needs. Research areas include end-of-life planning, aging prisoners, resiliency and public policy.

Practical Learning in the Omaha Metro Area

Practicums allow our students a chance to gain real-life experience working with aging adults and their families. Several of our courses offer service-learning opportunities that extend the study of gerontology beyond the classroom.

Leading Provider of Gerontology Education in Nebraska

Housed in the College of Public Affairs and Community Service (CPACS) building on the UNO campus and in 310 Nebraska Hall on the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) campus, the Department of Gerontology is a proven, valuable campus resource and the primary provider of gerontology education in the university system.