Software on Odin

  • Apache
  • Biopython
  • emacs
  • Git
  • GNU C
  • GNU C++
  • LaTeX
  • MySQL + MySQL Python
  • NLTK + Tkinter, numpy, Matplotlib
  • OpenJDK
  • Perl
  • PHP + php-mysql
  • Python
  • R
  • sqlite3
  • tcsh
  • vim

To request software installs, email


If you would like to use GitHub on Odin, there are guides for students and teachers at the links below.

Database Information: MySQL

MySQL databases permissions are pre-provisioned. You'll need to create a database and name it the same as your UNO NetID username. Here are some the commands you'll need to use.

  • To access MySQL on Odin, type: mysql then press Enter
  • To create your database, type: CREATE DATABASE dbname; (use your NetID in place of dbname)
  • To view existing MySQL databases type: SHOW DATABASES; then press Enter

File Backups

Snapshots of files in your home directory are taken every 15 minutes and stored for three months. You may access them from within your home directory using the following command:

     cd .snapshots

Once you are in the .snapshots directory, you'll see all the snapshot folders with are available. You may use the cd command to open each folder and retrieve any files you need.

We strongly encourage you to backup your files to multiple locations on a regular basis.