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About the Center
The Center for Innovation in Arts Education provides a permanent institutional base for the continuation and expansion of innovation in arts education and overall educational reform in cooperation with educators across the university system, throughout the state, and nationwide. The Center, based in the Department of Art and Art History at the University of Nebraska Omaha (UNO) organizes, facilitates, and collaborates on arts education projects with K-16 educators, arts institutions and organizations. The Center strives to fulfill its mission of innovation and effective leadership in arts education through its areas of focus in pre-service education, the theory and practice of comprehensive arts education, and applied research in art education.

Our History
After the 1998 approval of the UNO Center by the Nebraska Board of Regents, it was established with funding from the Getty Education Institute for the Arts and UNO. A three-year grant from the Institute for Educational Inquiry for the Arts in Teaching and Teacher Education initiative provided for collaboration with the College of Education at UNO. This initiative resulted in a model pre-service program and the establishment of the CADRE II: The Arts, a graduate induction program in comprehensive arts education for first-year teachers. In 2008, the Center received the Chancellor’s Strategic Planning Award for Community Engagement at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. 

Curriculum Resources
Jonathan Borofsky Curriculum Poster.pdf

Ed Carpenter Curriculum Poster.pdf

Dan Corson Curriculum Poster.pdf

Mark Di Suvero Curriculum Poster.pdf

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