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The mission of the UNO Health Careers Resource Center is to successfully guide interested students into future training and careers in healthcare. To best accomplish your career goals, we encourage you to:


Health Professions Flatsheets

You may click on the buttons below to review each profession's required courses and more! 

athletictrainer2019.pptx.png audiologist.png cardiotechnew.png chiropractor20192.png clinicalperf2019.png
cyto2019.png dentalhygienist2019.png dentist2019.png diagnosticsono2019.png geneticcounselor6.png
gerontologist2019.png medlabscience2019.png mritech.png ot2019.png optometrist2019.png
pharmacist2019.png pt2019.png physician2019.png p.a.2019.png php2019.png
radtherapist2019.png radtech2019.png nurse2019.png rcs2019.png slp2019.png


How the HCRC has helped UNO's Pre-Health Students

The UNO Health Careers Resource Center (HCRC) helped me explore healthcare options. Under their guidance, I sought opportunities to shadow a nurse, clinical lab scientist, and physicians at Nebraska Methodist Hospital. While these experiences were valuable, I realized I have minimal interest in handling bodily fluids or identifying pathogens. I found that my strengths and interests were best suited for the field of pharmacy. What piqued my interest in pharmacy is how pharmacists could impact their knowledge of medications that have such powerful effects on their patients. Moreover, pharmacists. In total, I have shadowed nine different pharmacists within inpatient, outpatient, hospital, and retail settings. The HCRC helped me design my curriculum with an eye toward pharmacy. They prepared me for pharmacy school by recommending courses. They helped me immensley along my path and eventual acceptance to UNMC. I will forever be grateful for their academic assistance and insight, and I highly recommend students utizlice them as resource to succeed. 

-Jimmy N., UNMC College of Pharmacy