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  • Healthcare team

    The Health Careers Resource Center advises UNO students as they pursue Pre-Health academics and a future healthcare career.

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Pre-Health at UNO

Prepare for your future in healthcare

The mission of the UNO Health Careers Resource Center is to successfully guide interested students into future training and careers in healthcare. To best accomplish your career goals, we encourage you to:


Click on the buttons below to explore various professions:

athletictrainer2019.pptx.png audiologist.png cardiotechnew.png chiropractor20192.png clinicalperf2019.png
cyto2019.png dentalhygienist2019.png dentist2019.png diagnosticsono2019.png gerontologist2019.png
medlabscience2019.png mritech.png ot2019.png optometrist2019.png pharmacist2019.png
pt2019.png physician2019.png p.a.2019.png php2019.png radtherapist2019.png
radtech2019.png nurse2019.png rcs2019.png slp2019.png vet2019.png

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