Notes on Exit Requirements

All students begin this program as a non-thesis student. Students who would like to complete a thesis may petition to do so after completing 15 credit hours, but at least one term before he/she plans on starting his/her thesis. To petition to change to the thesis track, a student must request an application from, and submit it to, the graduate advisor during the time specified above. The graduate chair will then evaluate whether a thesis track is the best option for the petitioning student. If denied, a student may appeal once in a following term by going through the same process. During a petition, the graduate program committee will review the application.

Non-Thesis Exit Requirement: Comprehensive Exam

Graduating political science master’s degree students will complete a written comprehensive essay synthesizing their knowledge of at least three political science subfields to answer one prompt. Passing answers must demonstrate proficiency in each of the four MS-PSCI student learning objectives: research methods, writing in the discipline, critical thinking and proficiency of subfields.

Students must notify the graduate advisor at the beginning of their graduating term, noting the three subfields to be included in the comprehensive essay. The essay is open book, open note. Students will have 7 days to complete their essay(s) within a designated window of time.

Thesis Exit Requirement (6 credit hours)

PSCI 8990: The first term of thesis includes the forming of the thesis committee and approval of one's thesis proposal. The second three credit hours will focus on writing and defending the thesis.

Students must have a minimum of three voting committee members. All committee members must be graduate faculty members with a PhD and employed by UNO. One of the committee members must be from a non-political science field. Distance students may work with a faculty member outside of UNO, however, this member cannot be a voting member on the committee. Please refer to the graduate catalog's thesis guidelines for more detailed information.

Students must follow UNO's Graduate College's thesis submission guidelines and ensure that all paperwork has been submitted to the graduate office on time.