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Department of Mathematics
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New NOYCE Internships for those interested in teaching mathematics

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Fun in Dr. Hodge's Calc II Class!

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Mathematics (including Statistics) is one of the largest departments at UNO, both in number of faculty and in diversity of mission.  Intermediate Algebra, UNO’s General Education Mathematics requirement, is taken by about 1000 students per year.  College Algebra and Calculus I also have very large enrollments.  There are many upper level courses serving both the needs of majors in other areas as well as math majors.  We have a wide variety of student activities all of which are described in great detail on this website.  We are attempting to make this website as comprehensive and useful as possible.  Please let us know if you have any ideas about making it even better and more informative.



The Department of Mathematics is pleased to announce the Data Science Concentration for undergraduate and graduate students.


Data Science is the art and science of transforming raw data into deliverable data products in order to help businesses or government agencies make more informed decisions. The Concentration in Data Science consists of eight major components: Data Visualization, Scientific Methods, Statistical Modeling, Statistical Computing, Real-world Data Applications, Data Consulting, Data Research, and Data Technology.

The Concentration in Data Science prepares students for a job as a Data Scientist, as well as providing a strong background for many other careers.

Because Data Science is a rapidly expanding field, creating a high demand for Data Scientists, the Department of Mathematics is committed to developing partnerships with the local business community, not only to assist with their data analysis needs, but to demonstrate the value of our Math majors.

For a complete description of the Data Science Program, click here. For course materials from the Introduction to Data Science course, click here.

Data Science: The Sexiest Job of the 21st Century!

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Results of the 1st Annual Data Science Poster Competition, April 2015