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Executive Master of Science in Information Technology

Cutting-edge, responsive, a new force. The prestigious degree designed with leaders in mind.

This Isn't Business As Usual - it's EMIT

You're smart, driven and on the intersection of employee and leader. We're the Midwest's ground-breaking force in IT education. At this crossroads in your career, we've made a degree to help you make your next big move.

The Executive Master of Science in Information Technology (EMIT) is a new degree that will prepare you for the unique landscape that IT leaders must navigate. As your company's next executive, you'll need tools in your belt to help you execute strategic IT decisions, effectively manage change and engage your team for innovation. This cohort-based, exclusive 12-month degree will provide you with technologically current education and prepare you for corporate leadership positions


Our Four Pillars

EMIT is built on four pillars: Leadership and Innovation, Globalization, Emerging IT Infrastructure and Architecture, and Information Assurance and Cybersecurity.

Leadership and Innovation

As our society has become dependent upon IT advances, we need leaders who fully understand how IT can innovatively capture value for organizations. Our curriculum is designed so you will learn leadership through execution. 


Globalization is a fact of life. Technology has connected economies and people together. Developing a global mindset is essential for effective leadership in today’s world.

Emerging IT Infrastructure and Architecture

IS&T has kept its ears close to the ground and delivered current IT-focused lessons that will take you from today's problems to the future's solutions. From understanding emerging infrastructure (such as cloud, big data, web services) to drawing meaningful insights from data through advanced analytics, you'll gain critical knowledge to provide leadership in today's organizations. 

Information Assurance and Cybersecurity 

As Information Assurance and cybersecurity has become critical for all types of organizations, our curriculum will provide an appreciation of the challenges and solutions for managing security for organizations big and small.