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The Center for Management of Information Technology (CMIT) is an approved Center in the University of Nebraska system. CMIT is an umbrella for several funded research, software engineering/development, outreach and educational/training initiatives.


To provide an interactive exchange of best practices in information technology by creating and sustaining a value network that contributes to research, continuous learning, applied software development, and technology practice by all stakeholders, particularly students and our business (for-profit and nonprofit) community.


To be locally and regionally recognized as an accessible, timely, and important resource in leading-edge application and training in emergent areas of information technology.

Strategic Objectives

  • To work with clients from the NU system, corporate, and nonprofit entities on turnkey software engineering, web/mobile app development, games/visualizations, and related projects.
  • To provide an in-house professionally managed paid active learning environment for undergraduate and graduate students on a variety of cutting-edge technologies and platforms.
  • To provide professional development workshops and custom training for our stakeholders.
  • To engage with the K-12 community with programming that has a direct impact on iSTEM experiences (e.g. programs: Codecrush, iSTEM after school, iSTEM Virtual, Techademy).
  • To be a community resource for IT-oriented consulting and related services that use the intellectual capacity of our students and faculty.

Deepak Khazanchi
Executive Director, Center for Management of IT (CMIT)
Professor, Information Systems and Quantitative Analysis

Kelvin Chin
Web Developer & Chief Mentor

Daniel Stokes & Sandra Dizdarevic
iSTEM Program Coordinator

Hina Patel
Codecrush Program Coordinator

Dr. Sriram Srinivasan
Part-time Senior Engineer and Project Manager