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Weekend Investment, Lifelong Returns

  • Lifelong Learners from across the globe, and students of any age and background with the desire to participate, learn, and study the life of Warren Buffett are welcome to take advantage of this special course.

    Why should you study Warren Buffett?

Learn the principles and methods used by the world’s greatest investor, C.E.O., chairman, director, philanthropist, and educator.

The Genius of Warren Buffett course is 12 in-depth sessions of the extraordinary life of a financial, management, business, and charitable legend.

The course is offered at the University of Nebraska Omaha (UNO) by the author, Buffett Scholar, and worldwide lecturer Robert P. Miles.

This course is offered in the spring and fall. Learn more about this course.

Benefits of the Course

  • Better understand the unique characteristics of a business genius
  • Realize the important difference between the price of a stock and the value of the business
  • Become a more informed investor and allocator of capital
  • Be a better manager of people by developing the right corporate culture
  • Sharpen your communication skills both orally and in writing
  • Explore mistakes made by Warren Buffett and learn how to avoid the same ones
  • Uncover a business or stock that would fit into the Berkshire family of businesses