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Jack & Stephanie Koraleski Commerce and Applied Behavioral Laboratory

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    UNO has been selected by the Department of Homeland Security to oversee a counter-terrorism and terrorism prevention research center. The 10 Year grant awards $36.5 million setting a UNO record.

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Providing multi-disciplinary research support to UNO's College of Business Administration, regional businesses and the nonprofit community

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Jan 25: Initial studies available

March 14 - 21: Spring break - No Classes

April 23: Last day to complete research studies at 5:00pm

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April 27: Deadline for resolving all Research Participation Requirement issues

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The Jack & Stephanie Koraleski Commerce and Applied Behavioral Laboratory (CAB Lab) is a state-of-the-art research facility that enables diverse experimental research with immense practical implications.

Conceived by a group of visionary researchers across multiple disciplines at UNO, the Koraleski CAB Lab provides researchers with the tools to capture and analyze rich neuro-physiological data by combining eye-tracking, pupil dilation, facial expression, skin conductance (GSR) and e lectroencephalography (EEG). The lab also features a mobile component, which can be used in field research. This combination of technologies is rare among business schools.

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