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Religious Studies
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Religious Studies Program
Arts and Sciences Hall 205
University of Nebraska at Omaha
6001 Dodge Street
Omaha, NE 68182-0298
Phone: 402.554.2628



Ravel Unravel

Religious Studies students create UNO Ravel/ Unravel

Religious Studies students at UNO created a campaign with Ravel/ Unravel, a portrait of religious diversity at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. Ravel/ Unravel is a multimedia exploration of the tapestry of spiritual and religious identities that make up our communities hosted by Project Interfaith. The project hopes to ignite a movement for people to openly and respectfully learn, talk and share about topics which are typically taboo but often define our interactions and experiences as humans: identity, religion, spirituality and culture. Please explore this website, watch video interviews and upload your own, comment on and share your favorite videos via social media, and utilize discussion guides and educational resources.

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Kenny and Ian Amanda Ryan Blizek Faculty
Kenny and Ian
  • Religious Studies Students present at Truman State Conference

    Religious Studies majors Kenny Maese and Ian Jones presented papers at the Undergraduate Philosophy and Religion Conference held annually at Truman State University. Maese's paper was entitled "A Truth Carried by the Wave: Curving the Perception of Traditional Western Religion," while Jones presented on "From Asteroids to Skyrim:Ritual Practice and the Gaming Community."

  • Amanda Ryan presents FUSE grant research at 2014 American Academy of Religion regional conference

    Amanda Ryan presented her FUSE grant research on religious diversity in Omaha at the March 2014 Great Plains regional meeting of the American Academy of Religion.

  • Rabbi Sidney Brooks Lecture features William Blizek on Same-sex Marriage Oct. 7

    William L. Blizek presents Same-sex Marriage, Religious Discrimination, and David Heineman Flyer

  • Religious Studies welcomes you to Fall Semester 2014


Welcome from the Chair

Paul A. WilliamsWelcome to the Religious Studies Program at UNO! Religion is a force in literature, art, music, politics, ethics, societal development, and economics. Through the centuries, religion has inspired progress in the battle for human rights, social justice, tolerance, and peace as well as genocide and war.  An understanding of the role of religion world-wide is critical to a liberal arts education and a responsible citizenry.


Paul A. Williams, Ph.D
Chair, Religious Studies Program