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History Department
History Department


U.S. Deportation Lecture on October 22

Deportation scholar, Dr. Torrie Hester, will discuss the history of United States deportation during three important eras beginning with the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882. Please join us in the Student Center on Wednesday, October 22, at 6 PM. Click here to learn more.

Winchell Lecture Coming on November 13

The History Department's Winchell Lecture speaker this fall will be Holocaust historian Dr. Christopher Browning. Join us at 7 PM in the Student Center Ballroom to hear Holocaust survivor stories from a Polish labor camp. Click here to learn more.

Welcome to the History Department

History lets you be a time-traveler, exploring the past just as you would another country. You might march with Hannibal against Rome, watch your great-grandmother disembark at Ellis Island, overthrow slavery in Haiti, or change science forever by sailing on the Beagle with Charles Darwin. And like any traveler, you’ll come home with great stories and a new way of looking at your world.

In history classes, we explore what changed, why it changed, and why it matters to us now. And we learn the craft of detective work called historical research. History is a practical major. One recent study (Academically Adrift, 2010) found that students in liberal arts fields like history gained more of the skills valued by employers than do students in business, education, or communication topics.

The University of Nebraska at Omaha offers an undergraduate major, minor, and a master's degree in history, as well as options for history concentrations in general studies and education. History students can also complete internships with several local employers, and our eligible students can join the national honorary organization, Phi Alpha Theta. Our local chapter sponsors activities throughout the year.

For further information, please contact either the history office at 402-554-2593, or Dr. Mark Scherer, department chair.

Clio, one of the nine Greek muses, was later referred to as the Muse of History. A daughter of Zeus, Clio was highly regarded for her brilliant poetry and heroic acts. Her image usually includes a parchment scroll (an ancient source of record), a set of tablets (another ancient source of records), books, and/or a clarion (or trumpet). In her hair, she wears a laurel wreath. The image of Clio on this web page was taken from a 1758 painting by Francois Boucher entitled, Clio, The Muse of History and Song.