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I’m young and healthy. Why do I need to see a doctor?

You might not have any medical issues today, but what happens when you do in the future?

5 Tips for a Safe and Fun Spring Break

Spring Break is just around the corner! Here are some tips to stay healthy and safe while you're away (or at home).

Brain Food: 5 Foods That Help With Mood

Nutrients are the building blocks of happy hormones that are created in your gut. Find out which food can improve your mood.

Fevers 101: How to Treat Them and When to Get Help

When you’re feeling sick or slightly “off,” one of the first things you should do is use a thermometer to check your temperature.

You asked, we answered: What are the differences between genital herpes and ingrown hair?

Both can start with redness, itching, or burning sensations and can occur almost anywhere on the body.