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Interdisciplinary Studies

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    INDS 1000 Introduction to Interdisciplinary Studies offered fall 2019

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Solving the challenges of our increasingly complex world requires interdisciplinary thinking and interdisciplinary solutions.

A major in Interdisciplinary Studies can be an opportunity to specialize according to the issues you are passionate about or a chance to find your passion with guidance from faculty and advisors and in the company of fellow seekers.

You can develop your own plan of study by integrating INDS classes with courses in almost any area of study. INDS coursework explores diverse subjects that share an interdisciplinary theme. By studying complex issues from multiple perspectives, you will develop skills in critical thinking, interpretation, problem-solving, and objective analysis. Get started this fall with INDS 1000 Introduction to Interdisciplinary Studies.

Graduation with an Interdisciplinary Studies major might lead you to graduate school, law school, a career in a non-profit setting, or a career in the private sector.  The Interdisciplinary Studies major offers an innovative foundation for multiple opportunities beyond graduation. 

You may choose to pursue either a Bachelor of Science or a Bachelor of Arts and one of three concentrations:

  • Exploratory Studies Concentration:  If you are a first-year student wishing to reflect on your options, to find the major that is the best fit, you may choose the Exploratory Studies Concentration.  You will engage in guided exploration of majors and careers.  

  • Individualized Studies Concentration: In consultation with faculty and advisors, you will design a unique plan of study with an intentional academic focus.   

  • Integrative Studies Concentration: You will choose two minor programs of study from any academic program in the university to build content knowledge in specific areas of focus.