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Native American Studies Program
Native American Studies

graduate minor.

Native American Studies offers students an opportunity to learn about Native American cultures, literature, history, arts, values, lifeways, spirituality, and social and political institutions. Our program has a long-standing tradition of activism on contemporary issues and includes a focus on urban Indian issues, providing students with the opportunity to engage in meaningful community-based research.

The graduate minor must consist of no fewer than nine graduate hours. The courses must be included on the Change in Plan of Study form and the minor department must sign off on this form. The minor will be reflected on the student's transcript at the time of graduation.

For more information…
Students seeking advising or information about Native American Studies at UNO should see Dennis J. Smith (Director), Arts and Sciences Hall 287c, 402-554-3688; Dr. Beth Ritter (Coordinator of Academic Programs), Arts and Sciences Hall 383, 402-554-3376.