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Math and Science Learning Center

Dana Richter-Egger, Ph.D., Director

Dana Richter-Egger is deeply committed to student success in the sciences as exemplified by his NSF grants, research and appointment as Director of Math-Science Learning Center at UNO.  He is a member of the UNO STEM leadership team and maintains collaborative research in environmental-analytical chemistry and in chemical/STEM education.  My chemical research has focused primarily on two areas: 1) spectrochemical characterization of new fluorescent dyes and 2) analysis of metals (especially lead) in environmental samples by ICP-MS. The education research has brought together faculty from science and math departments and the college of education at UNO and has further connected with faculty, administration and students at Metropolitan Community College (MCC) in Omaha.  He regularly addends professional development workshops on supporting STEM students and meetings dedicated to the academic success of college students.  He is also actively involved in outreach to grade school age children currently through the UNO Chemistry and Physics on Wheels (CAPOW) program that strives to ignite interested in chemistry and physics among grade school children and through coordination of “The Magic of Chemistry Workshop” a program for area Girl Scouts; and as a judge for the Nebraska Junior Academy of Sciences. 

Contact Dr. Richter-Egger at (402) 554-3643 or by email

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