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  • Sustainability is an interdisciplinary approach to studying sustainable practices for a finite planet.

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  • Our International Environmental Science & Policy course examines big issue like climate change, food & water, and environmental law.

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  • Our minor embraces all disciplines including Geology's "Earth System Science" course

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“This planet came with a set of operating instructions, but we seem to have misplaced them. Civilization needs a new operating system.” -Paul Hawken

Sustainability is about more than just environmental science, more than just air or water or land or ocean.  It is about the interconnectedness of every system on the planet, and preserving the ability of the earth to support both our generation and the generations after us.  We need science to understand the earth’s systems, but we also need humanities to value those systems, and social sciences to help us formulate sustainable policies for people and the planet.

A minor in Sustainability can be combined with any major in any college at UNO!

  • Business majors can help develop next-gen green businesses
  • Education majors can incorporate sustainability into curricula at all levels of education
  • Artists can inspire us with designs from nature
  • Environmental Studies majors can learn about the policy side of their scientific work
  • Political Science/Economics majors can help craft national and international laws and treaties on environmental issues
  • Architects and engineers can respond to the demands for green structures