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Welcome to Human Resources at the University of Nebraska at Omaha.

UNO's Human Resource Office professionals offer services that recruit, develop and retain an outstanding, diverse, and fully engaged workforce to assist in meeting the University's overarching strategic goals of focusing on students, excelling in academics and engaging with our community. Our vision and mission underscore our support of the UNO community with leading practices based on thorough and expert knowledge and up-to-date resources.

Human Resources' roles facilitate our colleagues' work and home life as they strive to accomplish the University's mission.

  • To welcome our students, faculty, staff and the greater community
  • To contribute to sound decision making and problem solving
  • To develop leading practices
  • To enhance skills and expertise
  • To support health and well-being

Our Values...

As a public employer we are guided by principles of community, law, policy, our campus values, and the recognition of our responsibilities as stewards of the public trust.

Integrity We behave honestly, ethically, reliably, and sincerely in all actions. We can be trusted.
Inclusion We treat all persons with dignity, capitalize on the wealth of viewpoints that reside in our multi-faceted community.
Improvement We look for ongoing ways to improve and evaluate our work, and we continue to increase our skills and knowledge.
Respect We show consideration, fairness, courtesy, and regard for others.
Communication We encourage proactive, civil, and honest two-way communications.
Excellence We deliver programs, products, and services at the highest standards.
Innovation We encourage originality, imagination, and flexibility in thinking, planning, and delivering programs and services.
Accountability We take responsibility for our actions and tasks.
Customer focus We are committed to meeting customer and business partner needs through the highest level of responsiveness, accuracy, and respectful interactions.
Leadership We demonstrate professionalism, fairness, advocacy, and collaborative behavior in our internal operations and campus activities.

Our Customer Service Principles

We are committed to meeting customer needs by providing the highest level of service possible. After any interaction, we want our customers and co-workers to feel that they were respected, fairly treated, listened to, and involved. We want them to feel that they have been provided with highly responsive and excellent service and that they can continue to trust our organization. We will

  • Treat every co-worker and customer ethically and with friendliness, care, respect, and integrity.
  • Deal with underlying issues of the customer, not just surface ones, and provide services that are practical and workable.
  • Demonstrate a willingness to be of service by responding to customers in a timely manner with accurate, thorough information.
  • Promote harmony, unity, and teamwork within Human Resources.
  • Offer campus and department leadership that promotes excellence, diversity, autonomy, creativity, and productivity.
  • Seek and promote professional development to enhance performance.
  • Be creative in the use and development of resources.

Human Resources: Making a great and lasting first impression!


Contact Human Resources

Mailing address:

Human Resources Office
University of Nebraska at Omaha
6001 Dodge Street
Omaha, NE 68182-0263
Phone (402) 554-2321
Fax (402) 554-3777

Physical location:

Eppley  Administration Building
Second Floor, Room 205.