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Faculty Senate
Faculty Senate
Welcome to the Web Site of the

UNO Faculty Senate

The faculty of the university ... has significant responsibilities in matters relating to formulation of university policies. To provide the discharge of these responsibilities delegated to the faculty by the Board of Regents of the University of Nebraska ... the faculty designates the senate to serve as its representative agency.
(From the Constitution of the Faculty Senate at UNO, Article I)

Faculty Senate Office - ASH 105
University of Nebraska at Omaha
6001 Dodge Street
Omaha, NE 68182-0186

Phone: (402) 554-3598



Executive Committee

President: Lisa Scherer (402)554-2698
Past President: Meredith Bacon
Vice President: Lyn Holley
Secretary-Treasurer: Melissa Cast-Brede
Cabinet Chair: Suzanne Sollars
Rules Chair: Amy Morris

Faculty Senate Cabinet .......... Faculty Senate Standing Committees

Faculty Senate Roster


2014-2015 Faculty Senate Members
1st row:Christie Beard (CFAM), Amy Morris (CFAM), Melissa Cast-Brede (LIB), Juliette Parnell (A&S), Lyn Holley (CPACS), Lisa Scherer (A&S), Meredith Bacon (A&S), Stan Wileman(IS&T), Bob Woody (A&S), Ken Dick (IS&T), Stu Bernstein (EXT), Wikil Kwak (CBA)
2nd row:Sue Bishop (Faculty Senate Coordinator), Beth Ritter (A&S), Richard Stacy (ED), Phil Nordness (ED), Carol Ebdon (CPACS), Juan Casas (A&S), Bing Chen (EXT), Darryll Lewis (CBA), Patti Carlson (CPACS), Harvey Siy (IS&T), Nick Stergiou (ED), Ziaul Huq (CBA)
3rd row:Jim Carroll (Parliamentarian), Suzanne Sollars (A&S), Nancy Kelley Gillespie (CPACS), Jodi Kreiling (A&S), Laura Grams (A&S), Avery Mazor (CFAM), Adam Tyma (CFAM), Doug Stack (A&S), Vincent Woolf (A&S), Matthew Harden (CFAM)
Not Pictured:Jayaram Betanabhatla (A&S), Tom Bragg (A&S), Dale Eesley (ED), Moshe Gershovich (A&S), Carol Mitchell (ED), Elliot Ostler (ED) .