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Ancient Mediterranean Studies Minor
For Undergraduate and Graduate Students

The interdisciplinary Ancient Mediterranean Studies (AMS) Minor may be paired with any of several majors in Arts & Sciences or Communications & Fine Arts, in order to give students a more in-depth look at the history of the Mediterranean and Ancient Near East from the beginning of the Bronze Age through the Roman Empire in the West, and the Byzantine Empire in the East.
Undergraduate students will be expected to complete at least 18 credit hours of AMS courses with a grade of C- or higher in at least three departments, including Art History, English, History, Philosophy, Political Science, or Religious Studies.  Half of these must be courses at the 3000-4000 level.  A course in another department may be permissible with review and approval by AMS faculty.  Graduate students will need to complete 9 credit hours in two departments.

Students who wish to declare a minor in Ancient Mediterranean Studies should indicate their intentions by filling out a “Change of Minor” form at 105 Eppley Administration, or by contacting the dean’s office for their college.

Students should also schedule a meeting with the program director (currently Dr. Reames, History,, or with one of the other full-time AMS faculty for advising in minor coursework.


While a language is not required for the minor, taking Latin—now offered at UNO—is strongly recommended, especially for graduate students and any undergraduates who have plans to continue their studies in graduate school.  Other relevant languages (Greek, Hebrew, Aramaic, etc.), acquired through other venues, are equally acceptable.