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Faculty Senate
Faculty Senate

Last updated:10/1/15)  

Committees,Task Forces, & Boards
(Faculty Senate appoints / elects / tracks representatives/liaisons to most of these committees)

*Committee/Faculty Senate Liaisons, Please click below to submit reports to Faculty Senate:

1. Initial Committee Update:

The Initial Committee Update provides the Faculty Senate with basic information about the committee that is to be completed once a year by the Faculty Senate Liaison on the committee, typically at the beginning of the academic year or soon after a new committee is formed.

2. Monthly Committee Update:

The Monthly Committee Update provides the Faculty Senate with your responses to structured questions and prompts to quickly capture the essential issues raised in a university committee. Note, even if a committee doesn't meet in a particular month, Faculty Liaisons to the Faculty Senate are urged to submit the report indicating the absence of a meeting.


Faculty Senate, UNO, and University Wide Committees: