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Research Opportunities

The Davis lab is a mixture of talented undergraduate students, lab assistants, and graduate students. We have openings for the following positions:

Graduate Students: Graduate students are a core strength and source of stability in the Davis lab. They are expected and encouraged to conduct original and publishable research. Prospective graduate students should contact Dr. Davis if they are interested in pursuing a graduate degree in our laboratory. Also, please review the application process and the degree requirements.

Undergraduate Students: Undergraduate students are always welcome in the Davis Lab! We have a strong history of supporting undergraduate research experiences. We seek talented, highly motivated students to work on assigned projects within the laboratory. Several current opportunities exist for you to receive funding for your project (e.g. the FUSE program for undergraduate research support), or receive graded course credit. Academically strong students with aspirations for biomedical careers should additionally consider applying for the INBRE scholarship. Projects in the lab range from drug discovery, to genetics, molecular biology, and even bioinformatics.

To apply for an undergraduate position in the lab, please send your resume which includes 1) a recent photo of yourself, 2) a list of completed science classes, 3) your anticipated graduation date, and 4) future career interests to Dr. Davis via e-mail. You do not need any previous laboratory experience. Typically, most students will have taken or be taking Molecular Biology of the Cell, and have maintained a high grade point average in science courses. Ideally, applications should be sent within the first 3 weeks of each new semester for consideration.