Thompson Learning Community

High school seniors can start applying for the Susan T. Buffett scholarship on November 1st of every year. The application is due on February 1st.

For more information about the Susan T. Buffet scholarship, refer to the Buffett Foundation website

The Thompson Learning Community (TLC) is a learning community that provides support to students with a Susan T. Buffett Foundation scholarship. TLC aims to make the transition to college, and the entry into a major field of study as smooth and educationally rewarding as possible.

TLC promotes academic success through common courses, academic workshops, and connections with university faculty from many disciplines.

Additionally, the transition is supported through opportunities to develop relationships with other scholars, an upper class mentor, social programming, and personal support from dedicated professionals.

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Phone: 402.554.4080
Fax: 402.554.2345

UNO Thompson Learning Community
6001 Dodge Steet
Kayser Hall, Room 314
Omaha, NE 68182

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