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The Thompson Learning Community is all about the students! The Thompson Learning Community (TLC) is designed to promote the academic success of UNO students receiving the Susan T. Buffett Scholarship.

Students attending UNO who have received the Susan T. Buffett Scholarship will be known as William H. Thompson Scholars and they will be members of the Thompson Learning Community (TLC). Thompson Scholars at UNO are provided a sequence of common courses, special activities, advisement, and other opportunities to connect with faculty and peers. It is an entry point to UNO and helps students transition from introductory courses to the major of their choice.

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Phone: 402.554.4080
Fax: 402.554.2345

UNO Thompson Learning Community
6001 Dodge Steet
Kayser Hall, Room 314
Omaha, NE 68182

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