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  2. 16 May 2013: Three P-16 Service Learning projects have won ServeNebraska Outstanding Community Service Awards. • ... P-16 teams have showcased their service learning collaborations at professional conferences across the globe.
  3. 9 Jan 2013: In honor of Native American Heritage month, P-16 higher education partner Dr. ... Thank you! Julie Dierberger, P-16 Coordinator University of Nebraska at Omaha Service Learning Academy.
  4. 18 Feb 2013: W h e n the English Department’s l o n g - t i m e l i n g u i s t i c s p r o f ... When Kristin Girten attended a session of UNO’s Service Learning Institute on P-16 learning, little did she know what she had set in motion.
  5. 5 Aug 2013: daily routines by familiar and knowledgeable caregivers in a child’s life” (p.16). ... 16. Nebraska Department of Education. (n.d.) Results matter in Nebraska: Measuring results.
  6. 23 Oct 2013: in these communities). 16. Information on re-admissions could be improved by identifying/tracking whether. ... 16. Introduction. 16. What Factors Contribute to DMC? 17. Examining and Addressing DMC.
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