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  2. 13 Oct 2008: UNO Large Passenger Van Policy. For this policy, large passenger vans are defined as 12 passenger vans. ... Effective immediately and without exception, 15 passenger vans are not to be used for UNO sponsored travel.
  3. 20 Aug 2008: Excellent funding for faculty development {#39}. Identify adequate funding for faculty travel and development. ... E.g. Organize an annual alumni fund raiser. policies and procedures that foster active research units {#27}.
  4. 12 Sep 2008: TOEFL) for all who must present a TOEFL score, with no exemptions to this policy. ... graduate program policy to enroll as a non-degree student in that program.
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  6. 24 Sep 2008: University of Nebraska Omaha Returned Payment Policy When a payment is returned unpaid by the drawer bank, the person issuing the payment shall be notified in writing by Cashiering/Student Accounts.
  7. 14 Nov 2008: Personal business . University business .
  8. 23 Oct 2008: The federal government is all but absent from immigrant integration policy-making while abdicating its responsibility to design immigration policies for the 21st century. ... Based on the report findings and the above reflections we offer the following
  9. 11 Oct 2008: American issues. OLLAS’ main goals are: 1) to develop and implement a policy-oriented and community-. ... students, corporate actors, policy-makers and the public at large; and 3) to establish partnerships with community.
  10. 6 Sep 2008: From a policy perspective, the number of school-aged Latinos presence in the schools is therefore much more salient and the main concern here. ... 1. Copyright @ 2007 Migration Policy Institute. All rights reserved. MPI 1400 16th St.
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