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  2. 27 Jun 2007: that enhances our understanding of economic, political, and cultural issues relevant to these. ... is the "Development and implementation of a research agenda designed to address the most.
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  4. 23 Apr 2007: No punch-out letters or downloaded info from website. EVENT #5: Economic Jeopardy ( Individual Event / 1 student per room) Concepts: Review of all concepts at each grade level. ... Directions: Students will answer jeopardy questions in four categories:
  5. 23 Apr 2007: 1) 2) 2) 4). EVENT 5: ECONOMIC JEOPARDY (Individual Event)—One student from each classroom will answer jeopardy questions in 5 categories: Economic Vocabulary; Econ and Math; Give Me 2 Examples;
  6. 23 Apr 2007: ECON OLYMPICS COMPETITION DAY. GENERAL INFORMATION: Competition will be held on THURS.,MAY 11. The competition will be held by grade level in the gym and Rm.205. GRADE 6 competes from 9:30 to 10:15. GRADE 3 competes from 10:30 to 11:15. GRADE 5
  7. 23 Apr 2007: cities • Major tourist sites • Current president / prime minister • Major imports / exports / products • Money system (names for paper bills/coins) • Important holidays / customs I will teach in my economics classes.
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