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  2. 16 Sep 2020: The applications for these scholarships are available in November and are awarded at the Aviation Institute’s annual honors convocation in April. ... Prerequisite(s)/Corequisite(s): Senior in Honors Program. AVN 4980  SENIOR HONORS PROJECT/THESIS
  3. 16 Sep 2020: Theapplications for these scholarships are available in November and areawarded at the Aviation Institute’s annual honors convocation in April.Close partnerships with a number of Omaha metro organizations allow forseveral ... AVN 4980  SENIOR HONORS
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  5. 16 Sep 2020: Freedom of Expression. Freedom of Expression. The University of Nebraska honors the First Amendment of the U.S.
  6. 16 Sep 2020: Catalog A-Z Index
  7. 16 Sep 2020: Prerequisite(s)/Corequisite(s): Member of the University Honors Program or permission of instructor. ... Not open to non-degree graduate students. HONR 3020  HONORS COLLOQUIUM - HUMANITIES (3 credits).
  8. 16 Sep 2020: When academic dishonesty occurs in courses that are taught for a learning community, such as the Honors Program or a scholarship-based learning community, the faculty member may convey the report
  9. 16 Sep 2020: Academic Honors. Full-Time Dean's List and Part-Time Dean's List. Students seeking their first bachelor’s degree are eligible for this academic honor. ... These academic honors are not offered during the summer term. Students earning the Chancellor’s
  10. 16 Sep 2020: In this course students will integrate their learning across the program in order to organize their future activities in teaching, leadership, advocacy, and engagement opportunities in ways that honor the interrelationships
  11. 16 Sep 2020: To be eligible for Honors Extra Muros the transfer students must meet both the following standards and requirements:. ... If those requirements have been met, baccalaureate degrees with Honors Extra Muros are awarded as follows:.
  12. 16 Sep 2020: and organizations.Prerequisite(s)/Corequisite(s): Junior or senior in the University HonorsProgram and permission of the University Honors Program Coordinator. ... HONR 4980  SENIOR HONORS PROJECT/THESIS (3-6 credits)An independent research project
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