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  2. Report. 6-1992. The University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) has a major impact upon the economy of the state of Nebraska. ... Deichert, Jerry, "UNMC Economic Impact Study" (1992). Publications Archives, 1963-2000. 338.
  3. To meet this necessity, NLSC contracted with the University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO), Center for Public Affairs Research (CPAR) to conduct an economic impact study. ... Piper, R. K. and Deichert, Jerry, "Economic Impact Of The Nebraska Legal Services
  4. 5-2018. Bachelor of Science (B.S.). Accountancy. Dale Eesley. This thesis examines the economic impact that a pervasive shortage of tech talent nationwide is having on various companies in the ... Aguilera Ramirez, Raul, "The Economic Impact of a US Tech
  5. 4-1-2005. Thesis. Master of Arts (MA). Economics. Dr. Kim Sosin. This study investigates the relationship between external debt and the growth rate of GDP per capita based on a ... Copyright Asaad Najib April, 2005. Najib, Asaad, "The Impact of External
  6. 18 Dec 2019: Table II. Total Annual Economic Impact and Direct Benefits to Clients in 2002. ... This economic impact analysis, examining only one part of the income or revenue.
  7. Evidence is growing that more cyber-attacks are associated with social, political, economic, and cultural (SPEC) conflicts. ... Gandhi, Robin; Sharma, Anup; Mahoney, William; Sousan, William; and Zhu, Qiuming, "The Social, Political, Economic, and
  8. Census Bureau. Hierarchical Bernoulli regression models estimated the impact of neighborhood factors on substance use controlling for individual-level demographic characteristics and psycho-social risk factors. ... Fagan, Abigail A.; Wright, Emily M.;
  9. 2013. The contribution of this paper is in understanding the impact of electronic commerce diffusion on development. ... Leoz, Gerard De; Qureshi, Sajda; and Najjar, Lotfollah, "Assessing the Impacts of Electronic Commerce Diffusion on Development" (2015)
  10. JEL Codes: N51, N91, R11, R53. Decker, Christopher and Flynn, David T., "The Impact of Military Forts on Agricultural Investments on the Great Plains in 1880" (2009). ... Economics Faculty Publications. 9.
  11. Whether poverty, water shortages, socio-economic inequality, natural disasters with lasting effects, or any number of other challenges facing our communities, organizations must band together to secure the impact needed to ... hosted by Metropolitan
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