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  2. 10-1-1984. Thesis. Master of Arts (MA). Economics. Most developing countries have been claiming that a massive inflow of resources from the North is needed to stimulate more rapid economic ... Some industrialized countries, however, have rejected this
  3. Lastly, with China's rapid economic development in recent years, sex segregation in the labor force has been worsened.
  4. 29 Oct 2018: more comprehensive development strategy to achieve a sustainable livelihoods. as well as economic development. ... economic development. However, many questions remain unanswered about. how different levels of governments in China gather financial
  5. 26 Oct 2018: and horizontal drilling techniques, have recently led to dramatic boomtown development in many rural. ... examined the community effects of rapid economic, demographic and social change.
  6. 7 Jul 2020: Lastly, with China's rapid economic development in recent years, sex segregation in the labor force has been worsened. ... This protest is still unsettled. With the rapid economic development of recent years, women.
  7. 26 Oct 2018: Abstract. The foreign-led processing trade is an important driving factor in the process of China's rapid economic growth. ... First, to promote the sustained, rapid and healthy economic development, improving the quality of export products from the
  8. 25 Oct 2018: Given rapid globalization and the need for concerted effort towards development, the need for social and economic analysishas become even more paramount. ... 2002) “The economy as a whole: Seventh chapter of The Theory of Economic Development”.
  9. 7 Jul 2020: resources from the North is needed to stim ulate more rapid economic development. ... Although it is true tha t. the rapid economic growth in recent years has been possible with the help of.
  10. 7 Jul 2020: 2 Q<e< /_______________. Telecommunication, Regulation and Economic Development in Botswana. A Quantitative Analysis. ... A concrete telecom network is a key to economic development in education, health,.
  11. 19 Apr 2019: country for ensuring political, economic, social and cultural equality and rapid growth and development of regions which are socially, economically and culturally backward. ... Towards this end, the state shall formulate and put into prac- tice
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