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NU Connections

  • NU Connections - four campuses, one university

    Does your business need university resources? We can help!


NU Connections is a collaboration among the University of Nebraska’s four campuses (UNO, UNK, UNL, UNMC) focusing on developing more efficient and effective pathways for businesses and organizations to leverage the strengths of the University of Nebraska to move their businesses forward.


In order to be competitive and successful in the twenty-first century, collaboration between Nebraska businesses and innovative research being done within the UN system is necessary. This collaboration will enable achievement of business expansion and retention, stimulation of business creation and recruitment, creation of high-skilled jobs, and overall economic growth and diversification in our region.

NU Connections:

  • Increases visibility of and ready access to the University's extensive faculty and staff expertise, student talent, physical resources, and professional and business development programs.
  • Has an Industry Liaison Officer (ILO), a single point of contact, at each of the UN research campuses to assist businesses and others identify and utilize UN resources, and navigate processes.
  • Extends existing UN expertise and programming focused on business resilience and recovery.
  • Increases opportunities for research collaboration, technology & product development, talent/workforce collaboration, and other partnerships with Nebraska businesses and the university.
  • Develops stronger inter-campus connectivity with a shared focus on advancing Nebraska businesses and economic development.
  • Increases visibility to and usage of UN's substantial, and regionally-unique resources, such as labs, clinics, field assets and specialized equipment.

The NU Connections team:

Catherine Lang, NBDC | UNO Deanna Marcelino, UNO Harold Sargus, NBDC | UNO
Michael Dixon, UNMC Sara Bennett, UNK Ryan Anderson, UNL

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