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tuition & fees.

All students taking distance learning courses are charged the resident tuition rate. Distance students who are non-residents are also charged the DE Non-resident rate. (This rate is considerably lower than the traditional non-resident tuition rate and varies by college.) Distance learning courses are recognized by their 850 or 820 section number. Tuition for the next academic year is set by the Regents in July of each year.

To view current tuition costs, please click here to visit the UNO Cashiering web page.

student fee

Fees for distance students at UNO include a $4.00 Photo I.D. fee, a $32.50 Enrollment Services Fee, a $8.00 per credit hour Technology Fee, and a $2.00 per credit hour Library Fee. Student fees are mandatory and non-refundable

distance education fee

The University of Nebraska Board of Regents approved a system-wide distance education fee of $25 per hour to be charged to each student enrolled in a distance education course. The fee began with the Fall 2003 semester. Distance ED Facts and Fees

lab fees:

In addition to normal tuition and student fees, departmental fees may be charged to students distance education courses. These fees are deemed necessary by the department to pay for laboratory use, materials costs, or other costs incurred in offering the course to you. Inquiries about the assessment of course fees should be directed to the department offering the course. Lab fees are non-refundable.

new student fee

Both traditional and distance first-time, undergraduate students will be charged a "New Student Fee" of $50. This is a one-time fee supports placement testing and orientation.


Additional billings on unpaid balances will be sent at unscheduled times throughout the semester. Each unpaid billing is subject to late payment fees. A maximum of four late payment fees can be assessed during a single semester. If you have not received your billing statement within five working days of the billing date, please contact the Cashiering/Student Accounts Office, EAB 109, or call (402) 554-2324.

Failure to receive a statement does not exempt you from making the required payment or from the assessment of Late Payment Fees. Changes to your course schedule will not prevent late payment fees from being assessed and we will not send an adjusted billing. You must inquire about billing changes prior to the billing due date.

To find billing dates and other important information, visit UNO's Cashiering web page.

Distance learning students are eligible for some forms of financial aid, for more assistance, please contact one of our financial aid counselors at (402) 554-2327, or email or go to the Financial Aid homepage.

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