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Performance INformation Gateway
Performance INformation Gateway

Web Focus Sign-in

WebFOCUS Account Required

The site you are connecting to requires a WebFOCUS account (sign in with your NU ID). After signing in, select either your College Dashboard or the UNO College (Common) Group View. If you want to access one of the student list apps, click on the Student List tab. If you want to access the current enrollment reports, click on the Enrollment tab. The appropriate report will open within your WebFocus screen.

Additionally, this website is only accessable from computers in the Nebraska University system. Your computer connection must be originating from the following domains:,, or If you are connecting from off-campus, then you will need a VPN connection established, in order to complete the connection. Please do not click the 'LOGIN' button unless you have both a WebFOCUS account established and are originating the connection from UNO.

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