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religious studies.

A graduate minor in Religious Studies is offered. A Religious Minor requires no fewer than nine hours of graduate-level coursework and must be approved by the major department/school and the minor department/school.

A variety of courses can be taken under the heading of Reading in Religion (RELI 8900).

Two courses are cross listed with their undergraduate counterparts:

  1. Judaism in the Modern Age (RELI 8156) is Cross listed with (RELI 4150) and
  2. Existentialism and Religious Thought (RELI 8306) is cross-listed with (RELI 4300).

In addition, the Religious Studies program offers a graduate-level course for teachers on the Holocaust under the Reading in Religion course number (RELI 8900).

Periodically, Religious Studies also offers a graduate-level course, Religions of the World, under the Reading in Religion course number (RELI 8900).