About Dual Enrollment

Benefits of Dual Enrollment:

  • Cost less than ¼ of tuition and fees at UNO
  • Access to university resources
  • Demonstrate college competitiveness for admission and scholarships
  • Gain experience and confidence
  • Attend UNO Dual Enrollment events

More time in college to:

  • Pursue a double major
  • Graduate early
  • Explore internships
  • Study abroad
  • Lessen course-load


The mission of UNO's Dual Enrollment Program is to deepen UNO's partnership and engagement with the local community and promote academic achievement and opportunity for Nebraska youths by enabling high school students the chance to earn college credit.


To be a program of national distiction by broadening opportunities for student participation and engagement while achieving seamless integration of UNO and partnering institutions academic practices, procedured, and expectations for Dual Enrollment course offerings. 

Getting Started

See step by step instructions for getting started with Dual Enrollment.

Dual Enrollment vs. Advanced Placement

Understand the differences between Dual Enrollment and AP credits.

Grading & Withdrawal Policies

Learn more about UNO's policies on grading and withdrawing from courses.

Transferring Credits

Find out more about transferring your Dual Enrollment credits.

Cost & Billing

Instructions and information on how to pay your Dual Enrollment fee.

ACE Scholarship

Learn more about the ACE scholarship and if you qualify.

Office of General Education and Dual Enrollment

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